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Simon Parkes Interviews transcripts and translations

Donations: Please consider donating to support our effort. Web hosting and domain registration needs to be paid every year for the http://intccg.com website, that is £86/year. For donations please use PayPal by clicking here and pay to: ak@intccg.com.

Skype meetings
If you want to get to know other members but find it easier to do it via Skype please contact the people below. You can also host Skype conferences for that please contact Alex

  1. Leif, email to leicester@intccg.com
  2. Michelle, email to staffordshire@intccg.com
  3. Neal, email to neal@intccg.com

Facebook group
To join the Facebook group please send your Facebook user link to me (Alex / ak@intccg.com) and I will include you.

We know many members are concerned about privacy, so the Facebook group is not mandatory and we are not going to discuss everything that we do there. But it’s still a good opportunity to connect and make new friends.

Newsletter produced by Neal
with the help of the London group (feel free to drop Neal a message via neal@intccg.com )
6 March 2017, Newsletter 7
21 January 2017 Newsletter 6
7 January 2017 Newsletter 5
10 December 2016 Newsletter 4