Kaire’s Vision 2

This is published as a help for the meditation…


Thanks to you and everyone else who’s tapped into their purpose for being here (helping others and showing the way back into a higher consciousness), this planet can be saved with the powers of love and social/spiritual awareness.

We’re eternal spiritual beings who existed long before this world came into being and will exist long after it’s gone, and we can use what little memory we have of the place we came from to improve the world before we return home one day.

You’re the solution to the world’s problems, as well as your own. We all are. And if you let them, the love, creativity, and good vibes you hold within will spill over into the world without. Let it flow, and feed the fire as much as you can.

If the flame seems to die, keep doing all of those things that nourish the spirit with the knowledge that it’ll eventually pay off. Most importantly: never lose faith in yourself, because you’re here to join forces with the inner Self to inspire a revolution unlike most before it.

Nobody seems to see that we can change the world by coming together, by taking action, finding common ground with each other and using our newfound unity to take on the system.

It can happen to the best of us, we reach a stage in our journey where we lose the spiritual plot and begin to struggle within our lives. Like a spider caught it it’s web, or a bee whose feet gets stuck in it’s own resource of honey, we can find ourselves feeling trapped in a potentially enjoyable life situation that we created. We can easily forget that we have the power within our minds to choose a different perception of reality, a new paradigm and perspective on the way things are. The solution however complicated it may seem, is really quite simple. We just need to stop struggling against life, against others, and use our imaginative power to approach it in a way that opens our heart and brings a feeling of peace into our soul.

Whenever we feel stuck in life, it’s because of one fundamental reason. The mind is getting caught up in its matrix of desires. When the mind becomes attached to its tapestry of desiring thoughts, it turns them into demands upon life, and begins living in the land of yearning and forgets all about learning. It stops wondering, exploring and discovering who we are, what satisfies our soul, and truly makes our heart sing.

The mind has this tendency to get stuck on certain desires it thinks will satisfy its soul, and ends up playing it safe, hiding, pretending, lying, playing games and sticking to what is comfortable and known. It thinks it will find security by repeating what made it feel secure yesterday and the day before. The mind then ends up losing sight of its dreams following everyone else’s desires, plans, and wishes instead.

Whenever we forget who we are and what our heart truly desires the only direction to turn is inside. We must shift our attention to our hearts, to the center of our being, and simply rest there. By resting easily, naturally and deeply within, we heighten our awareness and increase our experience of consciousness. This allows us to take in and enjoy the soothing refreshing healing qualities of our soul.

Our spiritual essence is the only thing which truly satisfies and heals us. When we are connected with it, we are no longer living in doubt, worry or free. We naturally stop letting ourselves be seduced by the mind’s addictive tendency to follow every thought, impulse and heated desire. We become more open, curious and willing to experience all the facets of life that come to us. When we can feel the healing essence within our spiritual nature, all our ego’s urgent desires take the back burner.

The sweet divine blueprint of who we are is always there within us. It can never be lost, changed or destroyed. It has just been temporarily covered over by the mind’s complex and beautiful fabric of desires. The good news is our spiritual essence is always ready and available to be revealed. The great secret to begin finding this experience of brilliant clarity is simple. We stop all searching outside ourselves for fulfillment, and bring all of our attention, focus and energy to the infinite source of love and awareness that exists within.

It is important to know that it is often very dark when we first look inside ourselves. Our attention has been focused so much on the outer world, it can seem as if we are first entering a dim candle lit room from being outside all day in the hot bright sun. Our eyes will need some time to adjust, and so we must become very patient and relaxed before our real truth becomes evident and clear. We must trust that the soft sensual candle’s light (which is our consciousness radiating from the core of our being) is not going to flicker or go out. We must have faith that it is bright enough for us, to feel it’s warmth, and use it’s light to see into the darkest corners of our unconscious.

When we begin looking inside, there must be a deep willingness to sit with eyes closed in the dark, and embrace our greatest pain and agony we find. We must be willing to feel OK about never arriving anywhere safe, special or sacred. This profound level of patience is needed so that our heart opens and relaxes. Our spiritual eyes need to feel as if we have an infinite amount of time to sit in darkness. There needs to be zero rushing, tension or urgency in order for our body to open and allow us to truly feel the connection with our spiritual essence within.

The longer we can sit with ourselves in this burning desire to be free from all our suffering, the faster grace will fall upon us. However to the ego, it seems to always take a bit more time than is truly comfortable, yet eventually it happens and feels like a miracle given from above. It just happens that we find it all of the sudden, we are truly relaxed within ourselves. We feel honestly at peace with every aspect of who we are and who we were. It’s as if a gentle breeze moves through our body, clearing away all thoughts and concerns. We are still present to the mind, yet not buying into it’s stories. We are allowing it to be there hovering in the background, while we dive deeper into the healing heart and divine core of our very soul.

If your personal journey of diving into your darkness becomes too painful, time consuming or tortuous for you, it can help immensely to set the intention to soften. Be like a flower, and allow for all experiences around you and inside you to be what they are. Don’t react or resist anything. Simply let your heart open continuously to life, as if the warm sunshine was continuously pouring into you. Give yourself permission to open up to the quality of love.

When you allow yourself to feel just how loved you truly are, you open the gates for you to deeply love all parts of you. So it can be helpful to remember all the times in your life where others were beaming their sparkling eyes of love upon you. Think about who loved you, how they loved you, and how you received this love. Notice what softened you, held you, opened you to the greatest sensations you’ve ever had in your life. With love as your guide, your inner exploration will always be successful, and you will always find your way easily through the darkest night.

This love inside us is what ignites our path and natural ability to manifest any future that we desire. We can have anything we want with love, and we only find resistance and fight without it. In a life without love we tend to fall into “possibility amnesia”, believing that we are limited, dis-empowered, helpless beings who are not connected to an infinite source of creativity, energy, intelligence and power. A loveless life leaves us stranded in a barren dry desert of the mind.

The great oasis we all yearn to find and drink from is the source of unconditional love, which is this small candle light inside your being. By meditating on the awareness within you, the source of this awareness, this great love will reveal itself in time. We will know it’s arrival because we’ll feel the most soft healing sensitive feeling which melts away our armor, opens our hearts and liberates our imagination. There is nothing out there in the world that satisfies the soul and assists us in lighting the path ahead more than pure 100% natural organic homegrown love!

Perhaps the greatest miracle of all is when we discover that there is no greater love than the one that we have for ourselves. Self love is not a narcissistic selfish experience, it is quite the opposite. It’s like an overflowing river that brings life to all who are it’s presence. When the love we have for ourselves becomes bigger, deeper and more rooted within our everyday presence, we’ll see it manifesting and reflecting itself in everyone around us. Their eyes will light up and we’ll be able to experience happiness and appreciation within every person, place, circumstance and situation. The journey within is as big as the journey into the outer world. There are many pitfalls, dangers and seductions along the way. We will know we are are arriving when we feel we are lacking nothing inside. When we feel we are giving ourselves a warm cosy hug all day long. There is no more amazing way to live your life than this. So take your time with this meditation to truly dive deep and look honestly within. Make it your priority to find and feel into the light of your infinite being. Hold the intention all meditation long to relax into the essence of your spiritual nature. The small dim candle flame you may find is enough, more than enough to make you authentically smile, laugh, dance, sing and discover the resource of infinite energy that you can enjoy all life long.

Thank You everyONE



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