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We are in the age of Aquarius, the age of Water, it is the one thing which seems to have been over-looked even within the Truth community.

The water has been attacked, we now only have ONE clean source of water left and it is not from your filter?

I could write lots of interesting facts about all the contaminants in tap water, Bottled water is possibly even worse? Rivers and streams are all polluted. Boiled water is not the answer.

“The Choice is Clear” by Dr. Allen E. Banik, (available at: by clicking here) a small book that has all the information, we all need this book.

After you have the book and have read it, then you can do amazing things with the now clear, clean water.

What I do is put it into a dark blue bottle, then place in the sunlight for 30 mins, up to many hours. When we do not have sunlight, placing it close to a 100 watt bulb has the same effect. I then pour it into a Vortex machine. (also available on Amazon, but not necessary.)

See Viktor Schauberger‘s work, fascinating stuff (some of his books translated in English are available at: by clicking here).

Then I pour it to and fro a couple of times before drinking, it is now full of sunlight and millions of tiny bubbles, the tiny bubbles is what it is all about.

You can place crystals in the water, Himalayan salt, or whatever you want.

The health benefits are unbelievable, get the book.

I still like milk, so I mix coconut powder with distilled water. Matt

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