Dear Connecting Consciousness Members,
I am glad to announce a new meditation initiative which you are welcome to join. Simon has approved our first regular meditation. Kaire is the lady who organizes this meditation. Please feel free to send Kaire a message to discuss any aspects. Alex K.

Our Meditation takes place every last Sunday of the month at 1pm.

The topic is: Deep Inner Cleaning.

Just relax yourself wherever you are, at home or in nature, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, and then say out loud ‘My intention for this meditation is to open my heart for more love and to expand the Divine Light within. I ask my Higher Self and the Universe to support and protect me and my energy field during this meditation and I ask that I connect with my Highest Divine Will, for my Highest Good and the good of everyone. And I thank you’. And now we need to ground ourselves and so I ask you to visualize golden roots from the soles of your feet, reaching down to the Core of Mother Earth; the Inner Sun of our planet. Once you are grounded come back slowly to your heart centre. And then continue on to the top of your head to connect to Source light. Visualize yourself as a golden sphere shape Light being, and keep focusing on your breath, breathing in the Golden White Light which helps you to expand your Divine Light within, lighting up your soul with more and more of this beautiful Light, transforming any fear, darkness or negative thought-forms back to this pure Light. Always align yourself with your Highest Divine Will and breathe out anything that does not serve your Highest Good; visualizing it as a grey colour and seeing the pure Divine Light transforming, through the out breath, as the grey turns once again into pure White Light. Continue this for a few minutes and then give thanks to your Higher Self and the Universe; and open your eyes.

It is always good to light a candle and place it in front of you while you are meditating; and using crystals too can help a lot.

For example:
Hematite, Tourmaline or Obsidian can help you with grounding.
Selenite or white Quartz can help you to connect more to your Higher Self.
Rose Quartz and green Aventurine are helpful to connect to your heart.
Fluorite and Smoky Quartz can transform all negativity.

To activate the crystals program them by telling them you need their help, for example Hematite for grounding.

We will start again this Sunday, which is the last Sunday of this month. And we will continue to meditate every last Sunday of the month at 1pm for 10 or more minutes, depending on individuality; and every 3 months we will change the topic again.

Simon mentioned on his last radio show about the benefits of group meditation and so I thought it would be great if we could connect our hearts on Sundays in this way.

To get more into the context feel free to read Vision 1 and Vision 2.

Thank you All!!!

Much Love and Blessings!!!



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