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You can join as many groups as you like. It would be up to the members to define what the group is doing. The current work format is not hierarchical(top-down) but cooperative (bottom-up) instead. The list below is more a starting point, if you feel there is nothing for you – feel free to propose a new group/activity, or share any ideas about the current list.

Donations: Please do consider donating to support our effort. The web hosting and domain registration for our intccg.com website needs to be paid every year, that is £86/year. Hosting is paid currently till January 2018.
To use mailchamp for newsletters it is required to have a physical address. Postbox Annual Plan is £113 per year. It is been used for UK and other countries. You can find the address at the bottom of each newsletter.
For donations please use Paypal by clicking here and pay to Alex: ak@intccg.com.

The groups are open for both online and offline participants.
The groups are as follow:

Transcript Group (Alex, transcripts@intccg.com )
– Simon’s interviews translation / transcript / proofreading group.

Defence (<vacant>, contact Alex)
– protection on different levels – physical, energetical, informational, legal, esoteric, etc..
– psychic and technological targeting protection
– remote viewing

Healing (<vacant>, contact Alex)
– produce documents/guidance about health
– offer services internally and to the outside world
– energetical healing of our planet
– meditations (Kaire, kaire@intccg.com)
– unite to support existing projects of the members.

Creative Media (<vacant>, contact Alex)

  • Media
    – spread the word of truth through the Internet and other sources.
    – support existing projects of the members.
    – help to spread information published by Simon
    – social media (ak@intccg.com)
  • Art
    – music, paintings, writing.. produce work for Media group and others.
    – IT (information technology)
    – help other groups with the web sites, security, technology.

Education & Research (<vacant>, contact Alex)

  • Education
    – Liaise with members and deal with any queries.
    – If members already have their own education projects others may want to offer help with that.
    – Online and offline training for children, communities, people working for government, etc…
  • Research
    – collect and gather knowledge
    – maintain relationships with other groups.
    – newsletter (Neal, neal@intccg.com).

Foreign Affairs (<vacant>, contact Alex)
– relations to other groups similar to ours.


Administration (Alex, ak@intccg.com)
– work group coordinators, assistants
– people organizing local and Skype meet ups.

There is a need for people willing to do operational/administrative work. Please read our personal privacy policy below before joining.


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