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Heart & Mind
Who are you? Who do you think you are?
I believe that we become who we think we are… our reality follows our thoughts.
If you believe that you are one with the perfect creator, then you will manifest this as your reality.

According to Harald Kautz-Vella in his interview with Iana Bennun:  we are all already 100% infected with the nano particles found in the chemtrails. Thus far only a small number of humans have developped the full-blown “Morgellons” disease. The people that develop the disease are usually the weakest ones. So in order to make sure that we do not develop this disease we should strive to stay healthy, especially in our intestines, where Morgellons starts to take hold. To stay healthy in our intestines we must not grow in our guts any opportunistic fungus such as Candida albicans. We can ovoid growing such fungus by adopting a diet with little starch and gluten, and possibly free of sugar and alcohol.

EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)
EMF protection: The following Youtube videos explain the importance of “Earthing” or electrically grounding your body, linking your body to the Earth electric charge:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
See also the book: “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!“, by Clint Ober.
It explains how you could ground your bed, so that at least during the night you will be protected from EMF protective bed-sheets, buy these special bed sheets and ground them.
Here is an other truly beautiful and touching documentary on the subject of Earthing: The Grounded

So don’t forget to turn your wifi off on your router and use instead an ethernet cable rather than wifi, and if there is no button to turn the wifi off, then encase it in a metal box (metal biscuit box) where you drill tiny holes just to let the cables in. And completely turn your router off at night.

Oppose the new (so called) “smart meters” but in reality completely dumb meters, as the fry you to death!
They emit incredibly strong EMF and thus create a huge carcinogenic stress to our bodies.

Cleanse your body from within, expel the toxins you have accumulated by doing sauna sessions, sweating is a fantastic way to deep cleanse your tissues from toxins. FIR (Far Infra Red) saunas are the most efficient in detoxing. Basically if you don’t get the toxins out, the toxins will get you… so do sweat, and detox!
Avoid to eat shortly before going to bed, stop eating early in the evening if you can. Set for yourself a time of the evening or late afternoon after which you will not eat, this allows for your digestive track to auto cleanse, which is key. It is a recipe of longevity from the Caucasians.

Drink a lot of clean water, the cleaner the better!
To find out how clean the bottled water you buy really is look at this key figure: the weight of the residue left after boiling the water, known as TDS (Total Disolved Solids). The smaller the number the purest is the water. The purest bottled water I found on the UK (and European!) market is a Welsh water called “Cerist“, with an extremely pure and rare TDS of 25.
Cerist company website is at:
Here is a most comprehensive website on bottled waters from all over the world:
Tap water contains added (by the utility company) toxins such as: fluoride, chloride, chloramine…
You could go also to a spring and collect water for your drinking.
A website that lists springs locations in the UK (and all over the world):
A blog on natural springs:
Distilled water is sometimes recommended as an alternative to tap water, it is certainly purer, but it is a bit too pure and as a result harsh and abrasive, taking out good minerals. Here is a moderate recommendation from Dr Gabriel Cousens:
Gabriel Cousens MD: Can Distilled Water Cause Mineral Deficiencies?
Gabriel Cousens MD: How to Get the Best Drinking Water?

You could put a filter that removes chlorine and fluoride on your shower.

Then you can decide to Oppose fracking! – It contaminates underground water tables with super toxic carcinogenic chemicals and is an absolute unconscionable rape of our dearest mother Earth.

Organic food – Eat clean, organic and vitamin rich foods!
Eat organic as much as possible:
and bio-dynamic food is even better than organic!!
Possibly grow your own vegetable patch!
You can watch this great documentary on how to easily do it: “Back to Eden“:

Antioxidant rich food – Eat antioxidant rich foods!
check this really fantastic book:
Foods to Fight Cancer: Essential Foods to Help Prevent Cancer“, by Dr Richard Beliveau:
Of course you don’t have to have cancer to benefit from eating these very rich in antioxidant foods.

In an ideal world we get our vitamins from our food, but our industrial food contains less and less of it and the environment is so polluted that it has now become beneficial to take a good multi-vitamin supplement.

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