Privacy Policy

“Online you have zero privacy anyway… Get over it.”
Scott McNealy, CEO Sun Microsystems


Joining only meet ups doesn’t lead to sharing your details outside the internal database (available to coordinators only). If you DO NOT want your details to be shared among the four coordinators please contact Alex straight away.

Joining the groups requires sharing email and Skype with other members of the group and potentially other groups within CC England & Wales. If you don’t want to share your current email & Skype within CC Group England & Wales please create a separate email/Skype for CC work.

We don’t share any details outside CC Group England & Wales.

If you are not happy with this policy and want to have a different approach to your personal details – please email us. We will consider these cases individually.

We know it is a very sensitive subject, people want to keep control over privacy.

We do not share any of your personal details without your consent.

These personal details are: name, surname, email, Skype ID, personal information, etc.

Broadcast emails sent inside the group will have your email in BCC (blind copy) field.

Currently your personal contact information and skills are stored in an internal database and will be treated as confidential. This means your information will only be shared within the group as necessary to people in designated roles such as administrators, coordinators, database entry, and other positions with responsibilities. If we need to share your information outside this group, we will also ask for your consent.

To participate in any group work you have to share your email and Skype with other members within CC UK. (You can create a separate email/Skype for these purposes).

Trying to deal with personal information cautiously it is still possible that it may be shared by accident. If you are seriously concerned about privacy we would ask you to create a separate email for the CC Group and use it from the beginning.


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